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Typical Cost To Install 95% AFUE Furnace Average: $5,210 - $6,430
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Compare furnace price quotes that you got and see if you are getting a fair price, if it’s overpriced or below average – basically see if you are getting a good deal. Select your furnace efficiency & size, and compare your quote to the fair cost of installing a furnace near you.

Price comparison is based on current cost of materials & labor, as well as local cost of living and contractor markups.

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This Furnace Price Checker makes it very easy to calculate the cost of a new furnace and compare the quote from your contractors, to what other HVAC contractors are charging in your area, and see if you are getting a fair price, or being charged too much.

To compare quotes, enter your quote details:

  • 1) Furnace Efficiency (AFUE rating): Most common furnace installed in 2023 is a High-Efficiency (HE) furnace with 95-96% AFUE rating. This means that only 4-5% of heat is wasted as exhaust gas. Furnaces in 97-99% range offer little improvement, but cost goes up significantly.
  • 2) Furnace Stage (Gas Valve type): Furnace stage is the amount or percentage of heat output. A 2-stage furnace will have 100% / 60% output, depending on load, thermostat and other settings. When furnace is running at 60%, you have lower fan speed and more even, longer ON-cycles. 1-Stage furnace has only 1 mode – 100%. Modulating furnace will have variable heat output, ranging from 30-100% in increments as small as 1%. NOTE Oil Furnace has does not have this option.
  • 3) Furnace Size (Heating Capacity in BTU/h): Heating Capacity is the maximum amount of heat that your furnace can provide. For example, an 80K BTU 95% furnace can provide up-to 76,000 BTUs, before you factor in duct heat loss.

    It’s critical your HVAC contractor perform a Manual J heat load (loss) assessment of your home, to determine proper furnace size.

  • 4) Furnace Fuel Type (Gas, Propane or Oil): Select primary fuel type for your furnace. This will affect furnace efficiency, cost and certain specification. For example, Oil furnaces only come in “standard efficiency” 85% AFUE rating. However, actual efficiency must be adjusted by the installer / service technician to achieve clean-burning flue gas, and max efficiency. Gas & Propane efficiency is unit-dependent, assuming proper venting.
  • 5) Compare your Quote (optional): Enter how much you were quoted (if you already have a quote), and compare your quote with Fair Local Price. If you were quoted multiple items (such as AC / Heat Pump, or Ductwork upgrades, etc), subtract all other items from your quote and only enter price for the furnace.

    We have set a $3000 minimum for price comparison, as furnace install with materials & labor, under $3K is unrealistic.

Typical Cost To Install 95% AFUE Furnace Average: $5,210 - $6,430
See costs in your area

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