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HVAC Size & BTU Load Calculator

This HVAC Heat Load Calculator will help you estimate proper system size in BTUs/h, base on simplified Manual-J method, that accounts for your home size, heat loss, geographic/regional adjustments, etc., to give you a pretty accurate size of you cooling/heating system, tailored to your home, as well as Estimated Cost of new HVAC system. Do you know what size Central AC or Heating System (furnace or boiler) you need? HVAC contractors are often lazy, and don’t do required Manual-J heat load calculation to properly size your HVAC system. Instead they oversize by 10-20%, to cover their “bases”. As a result,… Read more »

Choosing a Heat Pump – Ductless vs Central

When selecting a heat pump for your home, we feel it is important to clearly know what your expectations are: 1 – do you want just a very efficient Air Conditioner (cooling)? 2 – you are also interested in Heating your home with the heat pump? Let’s that a look at both use cases. 1 – Heat Pump for COOLING Most heat pumps are good at cooling – your main concern here should be the Price to Efficiency ratio and your cost of electricity. For example – if your electricity costs $0.10 / kWh, and you want to get an… Read more »

Heat Pump Cost Calculator [Ductless & Central]

Heat Pump Calculator

Heat Pump Cost Calculator accurately estimates the price of a New Ductless or Ducted (Central) Heat Pump AC, appropriate system size (in Tons & BTUs) based on heat load of your home, insulation grade, climate region, & local cost of living. Heat Pumps can provide central COOLING as well as HEATING for your entire home. However depending on specs & efficiency, prices can vary between $6,100 to over $19,000 for high efficiency low-temp heating models. This calculator will help you estimate the cost of a heat pump that’s right for you! Heat Pumps are a hot new thing in home… Read more »