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Furnace Cost Calculator

Furnace Cost Calculator estimates the cost of replacing your old gas/propane furnace with a new High Efficiency Furnace with an ECM motor, and one or two stage or modulating gas burner. Get local price quotes from HVAC / heating contractors near you. Price estimates are based on your home size, heat load, furnace AFUE rating & heating capacity in BTUs. Gas furnaces are the most common type of home heating systems in the US. If you a Central AC with air ducts, you most likely have a gas furnace to go along with it, for the heat. Gas furnace make… Read more »

AC Replacement Cost Calculator

Central Air Installation Cost Calculator

Central Air Installation & Replacement Cost Calculator accurately estimates the total cost to install central air in your home based on the information you provide. How To Use AC Installation Cost Calculator To get accurate cost, you will need to enter/select: A) Total area of the conditioned space in your home B) The type of HVAC system you would like to have installed (Central AC or Central Heat Pump, with or without a Furnace) C) SEER efficiency rating C1) Furnace AFUE efficiency (if selected) D) Project type – retrofit or new construction E) Home insulation level F) Duct options Final… Read more »