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Furnace Price Quote Checker

Compare furnace price quotes that you got and see if you are getting a fair price, if it’s overpriced or below average – basically see if you are getting a good deal. Select your furnace efficiency & size, and compare your quote to the fair cost of installing a furnace near you. Price comparison is based on current cost of materials & labor, as well as local cost of living and contractor markups. This Furnace Price Checker makes it very easy to calculate the cost of a new furnace and compare the quote from your contractors, to what other HVAC… Read more »

Most Efficient Heat Pump In 2024 – Can It Heat Your Home All Winter?

Many environmental groups, special interest (utility companies & manufacturers to name a few) and “gullible individuals” in the US are promoting the use of HEAT PUMPS, and calling for the ban of fossil fuels for home heating. There is a slight problem though. You cannot heat your whole house with a heat pump! Here is why: Heat pumps are an excellent option for heating and cooling your home, offering incredible efficiency (100% to 300% more economical than electric heating) and they can be powered by solar! However, they often require a backup furnace or electric heater, as their heat output… Read more »