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Most Efficient Heat Pump In 2024 – Can It Heat Your Home All Winter?

Many environmental groups, special interest (utility companies & manufacturers to name a few) and “gullible individuals” in the US are promoting the use of HEAT PUMPS, and calling for the ban of fossil fuels for home heating. There is a slight problem though. You cannot heat your whole house with a heat pump! Here is why: Heat pumps are an excellent option for heating and cooling your home, offering incredible efficiency (100% to 300% more economical than electric heating) and they can be powered by solar! However, they often require a backup furnace or electric heater, as their heat output… Read more »

Home Depot Heat Pump Prices, Installation, Reviews (2024 Guide)

Home Depot Heat Pumps

Home Depot heat pump systems are a top choice among homeowners looking for the best quality and reasonable costs. Home Depot carries a wide range of heat pumps that are suitable for a variety of household needs and budgets. You can buy off-the-shelf ductless mini splits in single & multi zone configurations, as well as request professional HVAC contractor to install your new heat pump. Off-the shelf heat pumps are usually made by Gree, and professional install is usually Lennox, American Standard or other brands. What Is A Heat Pump? A heat pump is a component of a home’s heating… Read more »

Choosing a Heat Pump – Ductless vs Central

When selecting a heat pump for your home, we feel it is important to clearly know what your expectations are: 1 – do you want just a very efficient Air Conditioner (cooling)? 2 – you are also interested in Heating your home with the heat pump? Let’s that a look at both use cases. 1 – Heat Pump for COOLING Most heat pumps are good at cooling – your main concern here should be the Price to Efficiency ratio and your cost of electricity. For example – if your electricity costs $0.10 / kWh, and you want to get an… Read more »

Heat Pump Cost Calculator [Ductless & Central]

Heat Pump Calculator

Heat Pump Cost Calculator accurately estimates the price of a New Ductless or Ducted (Central) Heat Pump AC, appropriate system size (in Tons & BTUs) based on heat load of your home, insulation grade, climate region, & local cost of living. Heat Pumps can provide central COOLING as well as HEATING for your entire home. However depending on specs & efficiency, prices can vary between $6,100 to over $19,000 for high efficiency low-temp heating models. This calculator will help you estimate the cost of a heat pump that’s right for you! Heat Pumps are a hot new thing in home… Read more »