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2023 Mini Split Installation – DIY Tips And Tricks

Installation Mini Split

Did you know that HVAC pros charge at least $2000/per head for mini split installation? If you are looking to install a new mini split AC, but don’t want to spend so much money of professional installation, you actually have the option of doing the install yourself! Let’s take a close look at what it takes to do a DIY mini split install and the options you have. After all, I was that homeowner who is rather handy, and did not want to pay thousands of dollars extra for a pro job, so I did it myself! In my home,… Read more »

Choosing a Ductless Mini Split AC (Heat Pump) for Your Home

Mini Split Considerations: When considering a robust heating/cooling system, it would be prudent to consider a mini split and familiarize yourself with some of the details and issues that go into determining your equipment and size requirements. Heat Pump or Air Conditioner only? What kind of equipment do you want? There are two types of mini split, one is air conditioning only, and the other is a heat pump used for both heating and cooling. If you purchase an AC-only mini split, it will not be able to heat your home. If you live in a very warm area this… Read more »